There are several image to music converters, but most of them sound quite bad when given a complicated image as input. We wanted to make an app that produced harmonious music from any image.

The app takes a url and generates melodies based on the minor pentatonic scale with blues notes. Chord progressions play in the background to enrich the piece.

The app takes an image and uses wolfram mathematica to find the edgesets and the most common colours. It then separates the edges into different functions based on colour, and maps the functions to instruments. The in

This is our first app with Django, so we had some difficulty getting familiar with the framework. Additionally, we had some issues with version control immediately before our app was due. In addition, we faced challenges in creating a unique idea.

We're proud of creating a simple, visually appealing software that provides unique musical experience - allowing you to actually listen to pictures.

We learned about the Django framework, product design, saturated markets, entrepreneurial skills, and Wolfram Mathematica

We hope to expand Visynch's capabilities - a wider variety of instruments, themed music, and higher music quality

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