This software may be used by the Computer Science students to understand how the Quick Sort algorithm actually works. Sometimes this algorithm can be very tricky to understand without the help of animation. This software will help the students in this purpose.Now students can input a data set and see how the algorithm sorts it, step by step.

What it does

This software will have both interactive and unattended operations. Firstly the user will give the input array of numbers or chose to have an array of randomized integers. Then the automated simulation process will start. This part also involves some interactive operations. The user can change the initial input array, change the speed of simulation and also restart the whole animation.


• supports user inputs and random inputs

• supports deletion of a input

• supports insertion of a number

• supports animation based on Quicksort algorithm

• provides a method to change the animation speed (slow, normal, fast)

• Explains the quicksort algorithm with a voice over

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