Note: our game is targeting under 12 age child for learning purpose.. Student/International students are always confused with what field/technology to choose from to make their future decision and they have many options to choose from and they are always confused which country has better education in a specific field/technology. So we decided to solve this problem by analyzing the data and visualizing it so that students can make the right decision instead of jumping in an ocean full of resources.

What it does

It takes live data from Twitter based on keywords related to education courses like AI, big data etc. and visualizes which courses are trending in a particular country and which country is talking positive, negative and neutral about the specific technologies and which technology has the highest impact on people

How we built it

We built the backend using node.js, python, and PostgreSQL, MongoDB as a database. We have used Twitter Streaming API to get live data. And we used Tableau as the front end to visualize live data and we built a small math visualization game to understand the concept of visualization


The biggest challenge we face was using the Twitter Streaming API and collecting, cleaning and storing the data in a structured way to visualize it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were successfully able to plot live data to the dashboard and get to know what technology people are talking about

What we learned

We learned to collaborate in a team, implementation of API, troubleshooting, decision making, and time management

What's next for VisualTech

We will use a search API that enables the users to search specific keyword based on a region and we will use artificial intelligence that will predict the technology that will have a better influence on people

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