PowerPoint presentation used in classroom lack context which hinders learning and retention.

What it does

We created an alternative to PowerPoint presentations, where we retain the slides, but we add a sunburst charts to provide a hierarchy and visual aid.

How we built it

We used an open source implementation of a Sunburst chart. Using that as a base, we added slides to the JSON structure and created a UI to show the beautiful slides

Challenges we ran into

We ran to a lot of challenges. Most of the teammates are not web guys and we had a difficulty getting started with trivial stuff.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Being able to get the UI up and running
  • Even proud moment was when the VisualSlideShow demo looked exactly what we wanted it to look like.
  • Sleeping at 6 am and getting up back at 7 am.

What we learned

A lot.

  • Using Atom(coming from vim and Eclipse)
  • D3 library
  • Plugging all of the different technologies together

What's next for VisualSlideShow

This being the first time we start working on this, there's a log we have on our mind.

  • We are looking forward to creating a website for posting VisualSlideShow presentations to the public.
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