Inspiration I have this love for fashion and i used to see pictures of people wearing these amazing outfits and i would think from where did they get that.This pushed me to find an automated solution for my problem.

What it does It helps you find clothes/apparel similar to ones you spotted with a help of an image of that particular outfit, also provides you with the link for buying it online.

How I built it We achieved this using the Rekognition api which provided us with object tags and also a custom ml model which further identified the clothing types, next according to the tags we scrape an online store for products.

Challenges I faced The main challenge we faced was how to go about the detection of clothing types which we solved using a custom model whose accuracy has a lot of scope for improvement. Also scraping the dynamic fashion e-commerce website was a challenge.

Accomplishments I am proud of Seeing the product work end to end indeed made the entire team proud even though the ml model needs improvement, we were still able to provide approximately similar products.

What I learned We learnt that with the use of AI and the computing power available today we can help improve the efficiency of many redundant and time taking human jobs.

What's next for visually? Now coming to what’s next? This is just the beginning for Shazam for Clothes I see Shop-it as an essential in everyone’s smartphone in the near future where people would be able to

  • Find clothes exactly matching to the ones in the uploaded image(better machine learning)
  • Compare prices for the same product across various fashion e-commerce agents.
  • Create profile and upload their own looks and follow various established fashion designer and bloggers enabling them to view the looks created by them
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