Inspired by Our World in Data, I wanted to show how different metrics in the world are improving dynamically to create a 'wow' effect.

What it does

Created at Wild Hacks 2015, this project is meant to show that despite popular media claiming otherwise, there has been no better time to be alive. Education, life expectancy, sanitation and other factors are strongly on the rise while others such as poverty and risk of disease are sharply in decline.

How I built it

Using D3.js for 2-dimensional data visualization and Three.js for 3-dimensional data visualization, we have created some visualizations to demonstrate social economics. We also used the Boosted Decision Tree Regression algorithm from Microsoft Azure to predict population data until 2050.

Challenges I ran into

Struggled with tiny implementation details in D3.js and Three.js that are difficult for a beginner.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The different animated maps -- the globe, bubbles and animated choropleth.

What I learned

How to make animated visuals to tell compelling stories as well as how hackathons work and how to stay alive after coding for nearly 24 hours.

What's next for Visualizing_Social_Economics

I don't know, but will probably try to expand it to show how the world is doing much better than we give it credit for.

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