Visualizing the Future is an Augmented Reality (AR), educational, medical, and enterprise application designed for medical staff members. The application targets a WellStar ® Atrium Express™ Model 4000 single collection chest drainage system, and displays AR instructions directly over the physical device. These AR instructions consist of 3D animated sequences coordinated with important components of the chest drain. Visualizing the Future guides both first time users and returning users as to the functionality of each part of the chest drainage system and the necessary steps for its successful operation.

Visualizing the Future is comprised of three primary components: Quick Start, Drain Setup, and Parts Index. The Quick Start provides an overview of how to use the Epson Moverio BT-200 to ensure the best AR user experience. Key features of the application are outlined including the Compass Guide, which visually redirects the user to the appropriate AR content through the use of a compass.

The Drain Setup provides step-by-step instructions for preparing the Atrium Express ™ chest drain for use in a live hospital setting through the utilization of 3D animations, the Compass Guide, and optional audio which is accessed by headphones.

The Parts Index presents a list that highlights important chest drain features. 3D AR animations illustrate the function of each part when selected.

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