How do we help the most vulnerable populations in our society with 5G Technology?

I've tried to answer this question with: and now

What it does

Visualizing Health helps people transform their health, connect them to the global village, and become thriving members of society.

It's a platform where education is like binge-watching Netflix, and not like watching Senators talk on CSPAN television.

Where courses look like movies and can be streamed instantly through the platform with 5G high bandwidth streaming.

Where experts in health, business, and life skills can host live group teaching sessions with 1000s of people in one digital room.

5G-enabled low-latency video chatting and discussion groups help people know that they are not alone.

Coaches and teachers can host group calls across borders without any lag and still provide personalized mentorship. With the support of a community, people can stay on track with completing their courses, share their knowledge, and collaborate with others. We're creating the global village.

After empowering people to become healthy, we empower them to become self-sufficient through hands-on real-world education on business, finance, and creating products. We provide a platform to host and market any of the products and services our members create.

We’re guiding people through the entire hierarchy of needs with the help of experts and businesses in each of these areas.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Figuring out which features to build for the hackathon demo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building out the website.

What I learned

5G would be transformative for education and health and access.

What's next for Visualizing Health

Continue finding the right partners for this vision of the future.

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