What it does

Our App builds an Shiny app to visualize the relationship between more than 300 ingredients of 39 cuisines around the world. We also built interactive bar graphs to understand the use of each food categories in each cuisine.

How we built it

We used the visNetwork package to build an interactive network visualization and the plotly package to build the interactive bar graph.

Challenges we ran into

One largest challenge we ran into is to pick up the syntax of the package to build the interactive user interface. We also encountered the problem regarding speeding up the code since our dataset is fairly large.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app works!!!

What we learned

We learned about working together as the team, dividing the work according to each person's expertise. Additionally, we learned how is it like to be coding continuously for roughly 2 days under pressure. It has been great to get to know super talented and smart people who also share a common interest in data analaysis.

What's next for Visualizing Food Network

We want to use this as the first step to quantify the similarities between cuisine around the world.

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