The inspiration comes froom a post regarding a leading visualization tool regarding json-stat . THe configuration needed to view it was tremendous. This seemed to be an interesting topic to investigate whether Postman can read json stat and visualize it in an interesting format. This project can be used as an starting point for json-stat visualization projects.

What it does

This project Demonstrates the use of postman as a powerful visualiztion and api manipulation tool . Users are able to view the crime statistics of Ireland as bar graph and table. Users also have the option to download the bar chart as image and the table as csv. So this project could also be used for converting json stat into csv.

How i built it

This project uses postman and crime statistics . The endpoint used is .

Challenges I ran into

JSON-stat and html development was something new for me had to learn and understand how to relate data index to value array in json stat . Had to contact the data owner to understand the json structure and used website to understand the logic behind extracting value index from mutli array index.

Accomplishments that i am proud of

There are no projects in postman that works with JSON-stat in the public workspace. I was able to correctly correlate the index with the value index. The visualization in postman was really interesting and adding ability to download the resulting response as csv and jpeg was really interesting . This also shows way to download something from postman as a file using postman visualizer.

What I learned

This project helped in understanding JSON-stat data structure which was something new for me. Also learned about postman amazing features , html handlebars and html coding. Being from a quality assurance background this hackathon provided me with hands on ability to try my development and postman skills

What's next for Visualize ireland crime statistic JSON-stat in postman

This project can be leveraged for any JSON-stat projects . I want to make this project more generic so that any one could use it for their json stat project.

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