$11M. dollar were scammed out of people in bitcoins due to the WannaCry virus, a malicious software that targeted hospitals for records. decrypt the currency lets us teach people how to get into the crypto currency field in a much more secure and interactive way.

What it does

We created an interactive environment on-top of IBM's open-mainframe by implementing a block chain in our server, allowing us to keep the users data secure and Oculus VR integrated with amazon alexa for the best user experience

How I built it

Oculus VR to visualize the exchange with the amazon alexa as an instructor to keep track of the calculation in the crypto currency field.

Challenges I ran into

Building a REST interface in unity to communicate with the server side.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working successfully as a distributed team, two front end developers with two platforms engineers. Everyone worked on separate parts.

What I learned

Separate teams working with different languages across the front and back-end lead to communication challenges and design difficulties. While not ideal, implementing the entire project in a single language (C or JavaScript) may have lead to better results.

What's next for Visualization of bitcoin exchange

Creating a framework to build the front end in an extensible fashion and creating automation that will allow the NodeJS back-end to distribute across multiple servers.

Built With

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