The idea

In our work across numerous data-intensive systems, we have repeatedly seen how amazingly useful it is to get a users data up on the screen in a visual form, and then tinker with adjustments around that presentation. Often when presented with data in a rich visual way, the human mind can quickly perceive and understand patterns that were surprisingly hard to spot using ordinary reports or charts.

Making a JIRA add-on

Here at Expium we have experience with JIRA add-ons, having already built and published several on the Atlassian marketplace. So we are already familiar with the various handshakes required between JIRA and an add-on, and moreover we are already comfortable operating a cloud hosted system in a reliable way.

Today's front end technology

Similarly, we are already very comfortable working with today's front end technology. Angular 2 (even though that is not yet "final"), Node, and visual layout tools including D3.

Putting it together

To get something out the door in time for this contest, we put together all of the kinds of skills above, and came up with this configurable way of displaying JIRA project issue data on the screen. It is very amenable to tinkering, which is exactly what we were aiming for.

Please try it out in your JIRA instance, create a filter with a bunch of project data you care about, market a favorite filter, launch visualizer, and start experimenting with the settings. Good luck, and we hope you discover some interesting patterns in your data.

The contest

We had been thinking of putting these technologies together to create a JIRA add-on for quite some time, and CodeGeist provided the impetus to actually make it happen and ship. Big thanks to Atlassian for creating a space for this exciting ecosystem, and for promoting growth in numerous ways including CodeGeist.

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