Challenges Addressed

Opiod Epidemic Challenge - How can we connect law enforcement and healthcare data to address this problem? Public Health and Crisis Managment Challenge - Create a mobile application that can be utilized by public officials and health care providers that can predict the progression of specific diseases such as chikungunya, Zika, dengue, and leptospirosis. If different data was uploaded, the app and service would work for this challenge.

What it does

Data visualization mapping tool that takes data and maps out hotspots. Our example uses generated opiod prescriptions and overdose statistics uploaded into and processed in Amazon Web Services, which would be beneficial to medical professionals to see where to better educate a community and law enforcement to see where to focus efforts. Our mobile app then pairs with the map and a recovering addict (not allowed to see the map on the professional-only website) will be push-notified if they are getting too close to a hotspot. Press "Help" to send a message to a friend, and a button for calling 911, or call a hotline.

How I built it

Jack researched Google Maps API and applied it to vision mapping. Kristen designed and coded the website and implemented the API Jack wrote. Praveen used Java to create an Android app. Jordan did backend server data processing using SQL. Created an amazon ec2 hosted backend to process prescription and overdose data. Wrote a django app using an openmaps geocode interface.

Challenges I ran into

The dns is not propagating, using IP instead in meantime.

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