With music, visualization is possible to give a better understanding of the music feelings constructing an intensive atmosphere in the live music performance, which enhances the connection between live music and the audience through visuals. I believe that more music visualization applications would allow more.

What it does

Visualify is a web application that creates a music visualizer to match music played by Spotify (Visual + Spotify). It analyzes the music played and assigns colors to match the energy/frequency of the song. The graphical effects also use Spotify's API to match the beat of the music to create a more satisfying experience for users.

How I built it

The front end is created using HTML, CSS, and Canvas Node JS. The back end also uses Node JS and utilizes AWS's DynamoDB.

Challenges I ran into

While building this web application, We realized that Spotify was extraordinarily complex and required us to experiment with many data collection and storing systems such as MySQL and Amazon's DynamoDB hosting on AWS. As a result, we spent most of our time learning and reading documentation rather than programming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of this project as a whole because it was the first time that I worked with music visualization and graphics. This project was the first time I worked with Spotify's API and Amazon Web Services. My partner is glad to have been a part of this fun learning experience and getting to work alongside with me.

What I learned

I learned how to utilize more of Amazon's services such as DynamoDb and I learned how to create trigonometric graphics using Node JS. My partner learned about API'S and got to practice using them in Spotify's interface.

What's next for Visualify

In the future, I would like to add features that would allow users to see their trends in music visualization and create playlists based upon the types of visual effects they are more prone to viewing. I would also like to create a better user experience through more automated features and song recommendations using machine learning and AI. I would also like to use more of Amazon's Web Services to learn more about Web Application development. I also look forward to expanding Visualify to work with other music providers and data tools.

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