The inspiration for this project came from us always having trouble buying furniture. We wasted trips to the local furniture store because the look and feel of the furniture in the store doesn't really apply to real world scenario, and we would mess up the measurement for the small college dorm rooms. We just wanted something that would make purchasing new furniture and renovations for one's living space easier.

What it does

-Provide a way to visualize project environment - i.e. building a garden, renovating an office -Allows the user to easily and quickly input the parameters/environment through a simple picture. -Gives people the freedom to access a giant database of Walmart furniture and items, and also ratings and supports.

How we built it

We built the app using cross platform web technology, used the Firebase API to create a instant communication device and brought in the Walmart API to use their merchandise data. The web app is currently hosted on Azure Cloud platform based on nodeJS server framework.

Challenges We ran into

Making the application interactive and intuitive for users to navigate through selection of furnitures, and figuring out how to make it as realistic as possible with current resources.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the Walmart API to function properly with the firebase real-time communication. We were finally able to access the Walmart merchandise info from our developed firebase framework

What we learned

We learned about the how different API's interacted with each other and how to manipulate html elements using Javascript.

What's next for Visualeyes

-Provide 1-on-1 product recommendation and collaboration with Real Time Visualeyes. -Gives users recommendations based on what they have previously purchased and their existing style.

Best Domain Submission

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