VisualAlberta is a powerful tool to collect and analyze Alberta open data, depending on your priorities for living, working or investment in real estate. More than 20 Alberta open data about Population, House prices, Rental prices, Vacancies, Housing starts, Crime rate, Investments and … has been implemented in the VisualAlberta to make it a powerful estimation tool to ease the decision making for the ones who want to buy house, rent an apartment or invest in real estate. User can select as many parameters as he/she is interested and set the importance for each parameter. The estimation tool in the app will analyze all possible data sources related to the selected parameters and give the analytical results in three different formats. 1- Qualitative representation on the Google map by colors and circles. 2- Quantitative representation by extracting real values from the data. 3- Analytical representation by plotting the time evolution of the selected parameters.

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