Visual Talker II (VT-2) is a conversational AI chat app with sentiment detection and natural voice speech through MS Azure Cognitive Services.

Hopefully, give a moment of fun to people who may get bored by COVID-19 pandemic.

What it does

  1. User can chat about any topic by typing or speaking.
  2. Azure sentiment analysis will detect any continuous mood changes and respond with media content that mimic cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
  3. Chatbot response will be converted to a voice through a Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature of Azure Cognitive Services.

How we built it

Added Azure Cognitive Services into an existing conversational AI app to enhance sentiment analysis and natural voice interface. To get relevant media contents, it uses Bing Search services to get image search results and short videos.

Challenges we ran into

Seamless interaction through voice input and output

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working AI chat app with most powerful AI services in the market.

What's next for Visual Talker II

Scale up to mass population with enhanced AI model to chat more naturally.

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