We wanted to make a visual novel game because we were interested in the idea and found a game engine that helped support the framework.

What it does

Step through a visual novel route by helping sriracha break his curse with a minigame.

How we built it

Utilize Renpy to create a visual novel with a minigame built thru pygame of a story about sriracha and a girl.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating pygame into the renpy visual novel algorithm. Due to lack incompability of renpy with pygame, it was really hard to pinpoint why we cannot integrate the two programs into one

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a visual novel for the first time with characters we created.

What we learned

The importance of documentation. We learned a lot of python. We got really familiar with python. Python is sensitive to indentation.

What's next for Visual Novel with Minigame

Fix a bug in the program. It would be nice if we would have multiple story lines. Once we notify the developers (renpy) about the compatibility issue, we should be able to implement minigame efficiently.

Built With

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