• We wanted to take on a challenging project using technology we were not experienced with - when we saw
  • Leepfrog's project recommendation, we knew that was what we wanted to attempt. ## What it does
  • This website takes data from a file and displays a graph-like structure with colored nodes to represent the majors
  • associated with a given course. ## How we built it
  • This project takes in data from the provided .unl information file and parses data from it, giving us a map-like structure
  • where course numbers are keys, and the majors associated with that course are values. We then represented the data
  • using that information by building a graph-like structure to visually represent it. ## Challenges we ran into
  • Coming into this project, neither of us had done any web development, so we had to not only learn the technologies
  • and frameworks associated with it the project, but we had to learn an entire new skillset as well. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Based on our limited experience with web development, we were doubtful at first whether we would be able to finish on time or not. However, perseverence came through and we ended up finishing something that we're really proud of. ## What we learned
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, D3.js, SVG, and most importantly: you can do anything as long as you set your mind to it.

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