The idea came to me from watching my sister look videos to cook meals on a tablet. When she needed to put gloves on or got dirty I had to help her stopping the video or going back because the touchscreen doesn't react with gloves and it can get dirty. We want to provide the user with tutorials of free hands interaction so that you can keep cooking without any troubles.

The app consist of a menu in which there will be different options in order to select the recipe you are looking for. Once the recipe is selected, the app will tell which ingredients and tools must be used before starting the tutorial.

The tutorial consists of various steps which will guide the user with visual and audio feedback. These steps can be switched or repeated by voice commands. Visual feedback will be animations and the action will be described by a voice. We will also provide timers when needed. When finished, we will ask to rank the recipe’s difficulty letting other users acknowledge the arduousness of the recipe and providing us information to see if the tutorial must be updated.

The features which make our product successful with the BT-200 are the combined features of the see-through display and the free hands interaction thanks to the voice commands.

Our product is designed for people who need help because they are starting to cook, also for those that currently cook but are willing to expand their variety of meals.

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