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Therapeutic VR

What it does

Gives people real-life experience to stay socially connected with full sense immersive experience

How we built it

Design Thinking and User Center

Challenges we ran into

Thinking most novel, tangible, valuable, useful, marketable idea

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Time management

What's next for ClinBuddy

Building the model device based on the patient, caregiver, payer, stakeholders, and team's feedback to create a framework

What Went Well? Despite having diverse professional backgrounds, we were able to communicate effectively as a team and able to bring our ideas to design with the time constraint and time zone constraint. It was a fun experience.

What Did Not Go well? We took a lot of time deciding on things because of our limited knowledge about the application of new technologies in healthcare. We took the help of ClinHack mentors to solve this thing and that helped us to move ahead as a team in one direction.

Built With

  • lumen5
  • miro
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