This applications presents statistical chart distribution analysis on 3 major dataset category ranging from Health, Economics and Finance. Data obtained where used to create an insight and a unique algorithms for data analysis, visualizations and interpretations.

What it does

Health Category: Dataset obtained from health category option were used to analyze and visualize Ebola effect,cases and death in different countries of the world. For instance from statistical analysis, one can be able to know the cumulative number of confirmed Ebola cases, Ebola's death etc. in every part of the world. Statistical chart distribution analysis can show you the country with highest Ebola cases and death along with the time period. For Example on the statistics, Ebola's cases and death appears to be on increase from Sierra Leone followed by liberia,guinea and so on...

Economics Category: Presents statistical visualisation and interpretations on All Employees: Total Nonfarm Payrolls (PAYEMS) datasets. A quick look at the statistics will provide one with detail information on all employees payroll(PAYEM) over certain period of time...

Finance Category: Presents statistical visualisation and interpretations on All U.S. / Euro Foreign Exchange Rate (DEXUSEU) over time period.. A quick look at the statistics will provide one with detail information on U.S. / Euro Foreign Exchange Rate (DEXUSEU) over certain period of time.

Dataset Sources:

Health Care(Ebola Cases):

Finance(US/Euro FX Rate): then click on download and select DEXUSEU.CSV
Economics(Employee PayRoll): then click on download and select PAYEMS.CSV files


I Extracted all the corresponding CSV Files for various Category ranging from HealthCare(Ebola Cases), Finance(US/Euro FX Rate) and Economics(Employees PayRoll). All this Dataset were automatically Imported into Mysql Database to better generate Statitstical Components of varying types(Line-Chart,Area-Chart,Pie-Chart etc) for Data Regression Analysis,Visualisation and Interpretations.. HighChart algorithm were used to build the visualisation Statistical Modelings.

My Observation For Instance on HealthCare(Ebola Cases):

Cumulative number of confirmed, probable and suspected Ebola cases:
Guinea: = 3285.0
Liberia: = 9343.0
Sierra Leone: = 8428.0
United Kingdom: = 1.0
Mali: = 7
Nigeria: = 19.0
Senegal: = 1.0
Spain: = 1.0
United States of America = 4.0

Cumulative number of probable Ebola deaths:
Guinea: = 392.0
Liberia: = 1879.0
Sierra Leone: = 158.0
United Kingdom: = 1.0
Mali: = 1.0
Nigeria: = 1.0
Senegal: = 1.0
Spain: = 1.0
United States of America = 0.0

My Inference/Insight on (Ebola Cases):

Using HealthCare as a case study(Ebola Cases): My Insight is that ebola diseases, cases and death was highest on Sierra Leone, liberia,guinea and while in the country like USA,Uk, its almost negligible.

The Statistical Interpretation of Ebola Data will enable people to find out the exact number of ebola cases,death and how fast the diseases was in spreading over along period of time in ther respective countries. This will help them to take proper care of themselves via Enviromental Cleanup, Ebola Medical Orientations, Awareness, Preventive measures and to maintain regular Medical checkup in the fight against such diseases.

Installations/How to use it...

First create a database called csv and then use db.txtfile to create the corresponding tables in the database. Edit the corresponding connection files to fitting the Database Name(csv),username and Password

Then all download each of the corresponding .csvfiles for various Dataset category ranging from Healthcare(ebola_data_db_format.csv), Finance(DEXUSEU.CSV), and Economics(PAYEMS.csv). Each of this files were exported to database to automatically generate Data Statistical Visiualization components of various chart ranging from(Bar-chart, Pie-Chart, Area-Chart, column-chart, Line-chart.) Just pick the Chart Type you want, select the datasets components and click on generate Chart and you are in there....

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