The team decided we wanted to use our hack time to it’s full potential and to do this we felt approaching the weekend with an altruistic attitude allowed us to do this. The idea was actually a mixture of a few other ideas we were discussing and we felt we could incorporate bits of these ideas to create a thoughtful and useful application.

What it does

VisuaDiary is an application built primarily with the aim to help people who suffer with conditions such as Alzheimer's and Dementia in coping with some of the symptoms such as loss of memory. This application allows a user to maintain a diary of meetings with family and friends and through use of facial recognition can simplify the process of identifying who they were with. They can also, at any time, see their friends and family listed in the app if they want reminded of them.

How we built it

Together we built VisuaDiary using Android and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The main languages used were Java, XML, PHP and MySQL. We built an application programming interface (API) to connect AWS to the mobile application. Simple storage service (S3) is used in storing portrait images of the user, friends and family. Amazon provides a powerful machine learning / artificial intelligence API for image recognition called Rekognition.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues making our service solely built using AWS - our experience with DynamoDB forced us to move to use MySQL. Utilising new technologies and learning them as we were developing our idea proved to be rather time consuming. Initially we spent more time than we anticipated in selecting a challenge to tackle which put more of a time constraint on us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to comprehend and build a complex application using various APIs. This resulted in our team working collaboratively to link up the various services to form the product.

What we learned

Increased our understanding of AWS, API usage and improve general coding, team working and project management skills.

What's next for VisuaDiary

We’re looking to enhance and tailor the app further to make it more useful and easy to use and support as many people as we can.

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