Had a need for this for a family member. Wanted to give them more ability to control parts of the room, so things like:

  • changing the tv channel
  • turning on/off the heating
  • Lighting

Eye Tracking was likely the best solution for them due to reduced mobility.

What it does

Uses WebGazer.js to interact with various React components. These components can then trigger actions, which for this demo was done using IFTTT to control my lights and various IOT gear.

How I built it

Javascript and sleep deprivation.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating non react code into react projects is pretty annoying. Ended up using 'react-load-script' to integrate it.

Eye/Gaze tracking via just a normal webcam isn't that reliable, but WebGazer does a good job. Would prefer to move to a proper infrared setup in the future. Very dependent on the background.

What's next for Visuabilty

More reliable Eye Tracking,

Built With

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