Reading the problem statements mentioned during the hackathon, we were inspired to enhance the current customer flight experience because we, like Vistara believes the customer comes first.

What it does

We built an integrated app which mainly tackled three of the stated problem statements. In addition to this we have various features such as authentication through barcode/Qrcode scanner, review and complaints/suggestions column for customers, notifications providing customers with belt number information to collect their baggage,etc.The three main problem statements that we focussed on include- 1)Entertainment -This covers movies, music, and books. 2)Inflight management -Here we digitalize the food ordering process. This will reduce the work of the airhostess' and it becomes faster and easier to cater to customers need. 3)Gaming -There will be games. We also think it would be good to have something like points for gaming which will reduce their airfares next time.

How we built it

We built the app using android-studio, php, mysql, java.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing many things and integrating it together in a single user friendly was quite a task

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we have covered three problem statements successfully.

What we learned

We learnt to make the best use of time and also to have patience and not panic when time flies.

What's next for Vistara Inflight experience

*Incorporate digitalized bots. *use analytics to improve inflight management. *use of AI speech recognition to improve the review section,etc

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