Reinstating the most natural form of answering questions i.e speech . We basically intend to replace the receptionist on an airport with a seamless one stop information bucket. The questions people ask at airports are more or less monotonous . So, introducing a one place answer source to these questions is important . We want to provide a hassle free experience at the airport. We want people to focus more on the journey, not on their devices, so if the utility provided by multiple applications is replaced by a simple speech response system, makes things very convenient for the customers. Different types of users and their questions can be accommodated irrespective of their language of origin.

What it does

For this purpose, Alexa is the tool which fits in exquisitely to enable a response system for queries. Alexa listens to the queries, and answers appropriately. A device of this kind can be kept in lounges and hubs . It answers all kinds of questions from flight delays, or rest room availability.

How we built it

We used Alexa services i.e Alexa sdk. and used Lambda functions in Python .

Challenges we ran into

This is our first time to work with Alexa skills, so that in itself posed a challenge. But, the idea was clear and the approach straightforward, which motivated us to learn to use it just for this Hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be honest, the idea does it all. The fact that monotonicity needs to be eliminated with respect to answering queries is handled just the right way with Alexa . We are able to build a solution which provides answers to all your queries at the airport, in a hassle free manner.

What we learned

We learnt about Vistara and its operation while having a chat with a few of the people here. We learnt about user segmentation and most importantly, we learnt Alexa skills and to equip it to handle the requirements of an airline .

What's next for Vistara help

This is just a beginning for something of an agent of this kind replacing the receptionist at a particular place. Like the airport, this can be extended to other frequently and healthily populated public areas where the questions customers tend to have are more or less within a common fixed set . Addition of multiple language support, and other capabilities to be integrated which enables Alexa to handle a wider range of users and questions in a more intelligent way .

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