I have been thinking about this idea for a long time and this hackathon provided me with the appropriate environment to actually implement this.

What it does

It’s a swiss knife for the aviation company. We through our solution have tried to target most of the user that takes a cab at their exit gate. Most of the times a users has to wait for around 30 min ,at the exit gate waiting for his cab , on the other hand corporate people pre book their app for convenience but ironically face circumstances where they have to extra pay the cab for delays .

Our Application integrating with the accurate time of when the flight will arrive (integrating with the airlines) will book a cab for you.It's like a service that evacuates all your headache for reaching your home /office .

The cabs are booked through third party services like ola ,uber as being a airlines we don't want to pressurize ourself in terms of cancellation , rescheduling , collection money or paying taxes / surcharge. Since the user his personally linked to his account only (Managed by us) he could do whatever he wish to, after he has landed.

We also shared the rescheduled status with relatives and the loved ones.

How I built it

We would just ask for your destination and would like to choose one of your flight,and that's all. We at our backend would be knowing when the flight is going to arrive .Moreover we also have an experience of how much time it takes to exit (though we would love if user customizes it). Also we through our app will generate an oauth token valid for 30 to 60 days to provide user with their existing coupons with their cab services. Taking care of all that stuff we would intelligently book the cab at precise time so that user finds one at the moment he reaches the exit terminal ,we also make sure it doesn’t arrive too early. Thus saving the time as well as reducing the cost hand in hand. ( Time and money for regular corporate customers and normal passengers as well .)

Challenges I ran into

We builds the app using existing cabs SDK’s as well personalized web server api’s. We integrated the smart map , databases , as well as api’s calls that would occur intelligently at right time .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

REDUCING TIME AS WELL AS MONEY AND MOREOVER THE ENTIRE HEADACHE OF THE USER. Making an interactive map with real locations and populating it with data of user conquered regions Making a completely dynamic web app that provides customized experiences to the users. Being consistently productive for about 24hrs straight without sleep.

What I learned

Time management skills in competitions like this Complete UBER APIs for storing and manipulating data. Interactive pages for the users.

What's next for Vistara Hack :Team Challengers

We Would like to create the similar application for departure time from our home to airport. We Would like the user to share if they want to(heading toward almost same destination ) and build a personalized chat application over it

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