Vistara Hackathon

Theme: Unleash Airport experience. Expected Outcomes: In Airport, experience for passengers is very varied, while frequent fliers may find the Airport experience very monotonous and at times cumbersome due to congestion and lengthy procedures, infrequent passengers are always fascinated with the airline travel. Passengers do experiences different activities within Airport, from Airport entry to counters to security queues shops to restaurants to lounges and terminals. These distractions may even lead to the passengers missing their flights. We wanted improve their airport experience and make it seamless.

Our Product

FLY THE NEW FEELING..​ By Bug Squeezers​

UNLEASH THE AIRPORT EXPERIENCE​ We've primarily three solutions to ensure the experience of passenger is seamless:​ Assist the passenger to get Boarding pass after check-in​ Utilise the time before departure according to preferences ​ Feedback to enhance the user experience ​ ​ We've a Sentimental Analysis system analysing Tweets for Vistara by passengers to improve their experience.​

END PRODUCT​ We've developed a web application using HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and AJAX that is used by the passengers for a seamless experience.​ We've used Machine Learning to develop Optical Character Recognition using Tesseract to extract the details out of the boarding pass image uploaded by the user.​ We've also developed Sentimental Analysis system to categorize the tweets addressed to Vistara into three categories : positive, negative and neutral to help the airlines improve the passenger's experience. ​ ​

ADDITIONAL FEATURES​ Additional features that can further improve our experience enhancement system are :​ ​ Applets designed using IFTTT to send VoIP alerts.​ Indoor navigation assistance by modifying Google APIs.​ Door to airport assistance.​ Push notifications using calls for feature phones.​ ​ ​ SUSTAINABILITY​ Since we're using Machine Learning, as and the when the user base will grow, our system will be trained well to handle diversity.​ ​ The application would provide better suggestions for the passengers already registered with more usage.​ ​ With the user base that our system attracts, we can make our product marketable by collaborating with the stores at the airport.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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