The idea proposed by Visma seemed to be very practical to us instantly and that was the main reason we chose this topic.

What it does

It answers questions to newcomers but also longer-time employees about events and FAQ that also can be managed by back-office staff. It has separate interfaces for each use-case (employee and back-office).

How we built it

MVP of app is kind of working now. We learned how to use Dialoglflow for creation of Chatbot, we stumbled upon some challenges, some of them we didn't succeed to beat in the given time. For saving of data, especially events (title, description, start, end) we used Firestore. First plan was to use google calendar, but we decided for the solution we were more familiar with in the end - to use Firestore also for creation of these Events. In the future we see a possibility of integration of Google Calendar.

Challenges we ran into

Triggering Firebase Cloud functions using Dialogflow chatbot. Adding new intents for Dialogflow from our FE, using API - not using Dialogflow interface. (Actually, this is a challenge We're just going to run into :D ) What other data should our solution be concerned about, except of calendar, events and FAQs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to create a good design for our solution.

What I learned

Dialogflow ... for now

What's next for Visma Assistant

Integration of Cloud functions with Google calendar Integration of Dialogflow chatbot with web FE. More precise design of user stories More precise design of FE.

Built With

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