While we were attending events at HTN we would continuously ask the volunteers and other event managers different questions involving facility/event locations and they would often not know what was going on. As a result, we decided to create an event/building application that could help any and all guests with just about any questions they might have for a set location.

What it does

This application supports people visiting new locations/events such as Hack the North, navigating them through the institute and providing accurate information to fellow hackers. From Showers to Workshops, we got everything covered.

How we built it

We used the VoiceFlow API to create a Google Assistant application.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that we ran into were getting the google home to be able to differentiate between similar words. Another problem was being unable to find out what one of the errors we faced were, causing a major delay in our program production.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to come up with and execute an idea that addresses a legitimate problem that people face.
  • Question Processing with Intents and Slots
  • Listing all the sponsors, organizers, and partners

What we learned

We learned how to use VoiceFlow to create a working interactive question and answer machine and gained knowledge in proper dialogue flow.

What's next for Visitor Voice Information Service

If development of our application continues then we plan to utilize the variable function provided by VoiceFlow to be able to create a more personalized experience whilst interacting with VVIS. We would take information from previously answered questions and apply them to questions answered later to make the whole questioning process more seamless. We would also try to integrate Hack the North's Internal API so it could retrieve live information such as workshops currently running or food being served. We would also use slots for the beginning of questions such as "what are", "who is", "where is", instead of manually typing them to prevent missing inquiries.

Built With

  • dialogflow
  • google
  • google-actions
  • google-assistant
  • google-home-mini
  • voiceflow
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