Throughout high school, we witnessed many students cheating on exams, without teachers being able to find out. After viewing this horrible behavior, we realized it was unfair to the students that studied really hard for the exams. We knew that an eye tracker needed to be created to stop the high rate of cheating.It analyzes the movement of the student's eye preventing them from cheating. If their eyes go off the screen, then the teacher gets notified letting them know that a student has cheated. We used different languages such as Python, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. We also had to link these languages together. We ran into problems with the eye-tracker not tracking our movement correctly. For a while, it didn't track when our eyes were off the screen. We're proud of our eye tracker as it successfully tracks the movement of our student's eyes. We're proud since we're able to stop one of the biggest problems affecting our community. We learned that teamwork is dreamwork as we helped each other solve our problems with each other. This helped us type code efficiently. VisionTracker plans on creating a system in which it can stop cheating in multiple communities at once instead of just one.

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