Being productive doesn't have to be boring! What if we mixed game quests with real life tasks to bring efficiency to the next level?

What it does

The main application built in Unity allows users to claim quests, mark them as completed and receive points for their work. In the application, there are two types of quests available: location-based (static bulletin board with local quests) and group-based (that can be seen from anywhere). We also developed a Slackbot that allows members of the Slack group post, assign, complete and give points for quests done. Also we integrated a website for board administrators to post and manage quests.

How I built it

We created a Firebase database to store the information across platforms, and for each different form factor we linked the code to the database, which is checked in real-time inside Unity for changes and updates. These updates are then displayed in the bulletin board and group card, and the user can click on them to reserve them, and once again to complete them.

Challenges I ran into

Creating the Slack bot from scratch, make Unity post database changes, create the website to manage the bulletin board

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making multiple platforms that support the main application, perform database operations inside Unity

What's next for VisionQuest

Improve the login system with authentication, completely port the Unity project to the Holo Lens, improve UI inside Unity

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