one of our amazing teammates is colour-blind and she had this idea as a way to help herself and others like her.

What it does

An app to -Develop standardized color code to benefit color-blind -Facilitate learning of this code through interactive gaming tool -Improve accessibility and quality of visual aid for color-blind

How I built it

Front-end: We first attended the swift workshop to get an idea of how to build the framework, noting that we had windows computer we went to the android route and started learning how to use the resources. We had only 2 front end developers so we split the work as even as we could and worked with Android Studio and Adobe xd to create the front-end framework we displayed in our video with fully functional buttons.

Back-end: The codes for the UI's we're done in C# on the Visual Studios Code plugin for Unity and the models, in addition to those created by our designer, we're rendered via the preset models in EchoAR. The interface was built by creating different interactive scenes within Unity that provided the player access to the initial application and the game in and of its self.

Challenges I ran into

most of the team were first-time hackers, so we had a lot to learn. infact everyone on the team worked with new software they haven't worked with before which poses 2 challenges:

  • We had to learn the software from scratch which usually takes time and energy, thereby eating up time we could be using to develop other details.
  • The team was built on the second day so we had lost a lot of time on that. -EchoAR was down for awhile delaying productivity -A color picker api had integration issues, especially while using JavaScript for the first time, and without the UnityScript capabilities we were not able to integrate it with the unity code properly. -trying to get the c# script to truly work in the system considering it would constantly appear as thought part of the metadata was never developed. -learning how to use Azure for Content storage -gathering together due to all the different time-zones

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For everyone there were various new softwares or languages they had to learn and be proud of , as well as most of us finishing off our very first hackathon projects

What I learned

Hackathons are very different to what i expected time gets the better of you sometimes and it's good to communicate with your team-mates efficiency comes with the delegation of work

What's next for VisionQuest

further development for both front and back0end, raising of awareness

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