Have you ever missed a bus and have been caught up waiting with no things around except the bus stop? Isn't it boring to have the smartest technologies in the world and still having plain static ads shown on the bus stop billboards? Why the content creators are deprived of the tools and capabilities which mobile app developers have? We believe it is a time to open a new vision, the vision where ad creators become app developers having the opportunity to deliver engaging, IOT enabled and context based ads frictionlessly. We introduce visionOS.

What it does

At its roots visionOS is an operating system running inside the JCDecaux bus stop. It provides the essential API services to let ad creators access data from various sensors like camera, motion tracking and thermometers. In addition, visionOS makes it possible to include third party API's into the app like Deezer, Snapchat or Swarm.

All uploaded ads to the JCDecaux content server are then uploaded to the bus stations running visionOS. Ads have metadata configured before it is uploaded to the JCDecaux CMS. The data defines to which stations it must be sent (Finland, Sweden, France, Germany … maybe all. It is possible to configure targeting on the per-station basis). Vision OS runs the ads one by one and checks two conditions (questions).

Should the ad be shown at this moment of time? What is the money proposal for being shown?

The add to be shown is analysing the environment by using visionOS sensors API. The criteria includes:

Location and recent news (near a conference?) -----> show a car ad Weather ---> raining ? -----> show umbrellas Buses are late? -----> Show a car ad if people are at the stop

And any other criterias, the advertiser wants to consider. Apps have full access to the Internet and can evaluate any condition to get their value proposition right.

The content and the way how IOT and third party API's are used are up to developer what generates a great space for creativity.

How we built it

We built visionOS with the help of Unity technologies and prototyping tools like Sketch. Along with the project we created the sample use cases for engaging ad campaign.

Challenges we ran into

Unity learning took a significant chunk of time. If we were to do it again, we would use web-based solutions, for example, we could write a web-only app to show demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Amazingly engaging ad examples showing the full creativity potential of the system. Clear business vision how visionOS will transform ad business.

What we learned

Unity, rapid prototyping, brainstorming and idea validation.

What's next for visionOS

We genuinely believe that visionOS will transform the way how ads work. From transforming ads to apps visionOS becomes an essential platform creating a new market for creative minds and developers.

JCDecaux will maintain platform monopoly , the apps are coming from the ad agencies. Analytics is incorporated for every app creator. Revenue cut is given to JCDecaux from every shown ad. It is up to the ad creator to create the engagement and money offer to be selected.

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