Why should language learning stop with the end of high school's foreign language requirements? Humans are curious, but they are also busy. Visionary is a service that bridges the gap between learning languages and busy, everyday life.

What it does

Visionary is a web app that uses object detection to identify an object via camera and deliver to the user a translation of the object in the language of their choice.

How we built it

We utilized the TensorFlow object detection API as well as the Yandex translation API to implement the translation of object detected by the camera in up to 90 different languages. Additionally, we built a user-friendly website for Visionary using the React framework coded in Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we attempted using Clarifai's API and implement our product as a mobile app. Due to the intricacies of React Native and Clarifai, we decided to change direction and implement Tensor Flow's API as a web app. We spent a lot of time trying to incorporate Google Cloud's Translation API into the React environment we were working with. We experimented with other translation APIs like Yandex to solve this problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each of us came in with little to no hackathon experience or with the languages we ended up utilizing for our project. We are all proud of the way we dove in head-first and gained a better understanding of APIs, webdev, and appdev.

What we learned

We struggled a lot throughout our project oscillating between inspiration and ability, in the sense that we went back and forth on whether our project should be driven by a cause we were passionate about or a technology we knew how to implement. We see now that a balance between these two components would've made for a smoother hackathon experience, and we look forward to using what we learned at AthenaHacks 2020!

What's next for Visionary

We plan on implementing Visionary as a mobile app, as we feel this would be more useful and convenient for everyday life. We also plan on creating a database to save a user's progress, vocab words, etc to make the language-learning process through Visionary even better.

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