We do what we love and love what we do to be happy and spread happiness. Our team has dedicated our entire lives to designing resources which inspire teens to identify their passions with financial returns being of secondary importance. EnvisionWith.Me isn’t an ordinary organization. Our primary objective is to increase the general welfare of the local community. This idea is reflected at EnvisionWith.Me through four visionary values:

HAPPINESS We continuously strive to achieve and spread happiness no matter what the status of our visions are.

TEAMWORK We value transparency within our organization, so there is no leadership hierarchy — think of us as one visionary family that has passion.

PASSION Simply put, we do what we love and love what we do – that’s why we help teens launch their dreams with genuine happiness and energy.

FOCUS We are dedicated to building a family of global visionaries who are 100% committed to tackling obstacles which seem impossible.

What it does

  1. Allows students to identify their dream visions.
  2. Motivates visionaries to launch their dream vision successfully.

This incredible design exercise allows individuals or teams to visualize the future by tackling obstacles that seem impossible. Throughout the process, they will discover their own unique entrepreneurial characteristics, build upon their leadership skills, and master the concept of transparency and the importance of family.

You have the power to inspire your students, wow your friends, kickstart a meeting, or cultivate creative mindsets within an audience. Using the Visionary Box designed with love by visionaries at EnvisionWith.Me, you will help talented people, like you, design their own path to success.

How I built it

Here's how we built three incredible versions of Visionary Box:

  1. Cardstock — Using the downloadable Visionary Box PDF template made in Photoshop, students draw their dream vision on the lid of the Visionary Box. Then, they draw symbols that represent obstacles on the Magic Cube which is assembled along with the Visionary Box and placed inside when complete. These obstacles represent challenges they need to overcome in order to launch their dream vision successfully.
  2. Digital — Using http://VisionaryBox.Club, students design their Magic Cube by uploading pictures of real life obstacles.
  3. 3D — Using http://VisionaryBox.Club, students print out their Magic Cube and receive a 3D model in the mail.

Challenges I ran into

Here are a few challenges we struggled with:

  • Learning how to create 3D models
  • Perfecting our design
  • syncing WordPress with mutiple domain names

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • building a kick-ass team of visionaries
  • printing the first 3D model of Visionary Box

What I learned

  • 3D printing
  • manging a team and deadlines
  • how to collaborate on github with a team

What's next for Visionary Box

Next fall, millions of students will capture, organize, and share their dreams using a visionary app in the  App Store with your support. Thank you.

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