Our solution was named on remembrance of Mother Teresa

What it does

Robotic technology to assist nurses and doctors in medicine delivery, patient handling across the hospital, including ICU’s. We are planning to build an app in Low code/No code that will help the covid patients to scan themselves as the mobile app is integrated with the CT Scanner for doctors to save their time and to prevent human error . Here we have trained with CT scans of Covid and developed a CNN model and integrated it into our application to help the covid patients. The data sets are been collected from the kaggle and tested with an efficient algorithm with the efficiency of around 80% and the doctors can maintain the patient’s record. The beneficiary of the app is PATIENTS.

How we built it

Bots are potentially referred to as the most promising and advanced form of human-machine interactions. The designed bot can be handled with an app manually through go and cloud technology with e predefined databases of actions and further moves are manually controlled trough the mobile application. Simultaneously, to reduce he workload of doctor, a customized feature is included to process the x-ray image through the app based on Convolution neural networks part of image processing system. CNN are deep learning algorithms that are very powerful for the analysis of images which gives a quick and accurate classification of disease based on the information gained from the digital x-ray images .So to reduce the workload of doctors these features are included. To know get better efficiency on the detection I have used open source kaggle data set.

Challenges we ran into

The data source for the initial stage can be collected from the kaggle and but during the real time implementation the working model and the mobile application using flutter need datasets that can be collected from the nearby hospitality which was the challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Counselling and Entertainment
  • Diagnosing therapy using pose detection
  • Regular checkup of vital parameters
  • SOS to doctors with live telecast -Supply off medicines and foods

What we learned

  • CNN
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Application
  • Cloud Technology
  • Computer Vision
  • Pi Cam Interaction
  • Flutter for Mobile application


  • The bot is designed to have the supply carrier at the top and the motor driver connected with 4 wheels at the bottom.
  • The battery will be placed in the middle and a display is placed in the front, which will be used for selecting the options and displaying the therapy exercise.
  • The image aside is a miniature prototype with some features
  • The bot will be integrated with path planning and this is done with the help mission planner, where we will be configuring the controller and selecting the location as a node
  • If an obstacle is present in the path, it will be detected with lidar placed at the top.
  • In some scenarios, if need to buy some medicines, the bot is attached with the audio receiver and speaker, so that once the bot reached a certain spot with the mission planning, it says the medicines and it can be placed at the carrier.
  • The bot will have a carrier at the top, where the items will be placed.
  • This carrier will also have a sub-section.
  • So If the bot is carrying food for the patients in the ward, Once it reaches a certain patient, the LED in the section containing the food for particular will be blinked.

Built With

  • artifical
  • cloud-services
  • convolution
  • ct
  • database
  • dataset
  • flutter
  • go
  • intelligence
  • kaggle
  • mobile
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