For this hackathon, our team built a website that can help people with myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and peripheral vision loss.

Our inspiration was the thousands of people around the world who do not have access to optometry clinics but want to improve their eyesight. Not only can these people be found in rural areas but also those which are primarily low-income.

First, the user will take a survey that will ask for their symptoms (hard time seeing far away, eye strain, etc.) to find which vision problem they have. After submitting it, they will get a report back on what vision problem they have, and will receive suggestions for vision therapy exercises to help improve vision. In the future, we will implement reminders for checkups to check in about how the user is doing, and if the exercises are effective. This can allow us to adjust the plan to increase the effectiveness of the plan for the user. Although we are building this website for those who do not have immediate access to an ophthalmologist/optometrist, we are including a small list of Californian optometry clinics as an extra feature.

Some challenges we faced were in allowing multiple symptoms to be selected and analyzed. We also had trouble figuring out what to include and what not to due to time constraints.

This website is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and is geared towards people who may not have sufficient access to an ophthalmologist/optometrist but would like to improve their vision.

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