Every day and every moment there's a new case, despite the quarantine, unfortunately many cases take several days before they know that they were infected by SARS-COV-2 virus, during these days, they are a source of infection to the people, so we decided to make an easily and rapid technique for diagnosis that is available for every one.

What it does :

It take a sample from the patient and put it on a PDA-Paper with antibodies specific to SARS-COV-2 spike protein (which is a major protein in all virus variations), if the sample is positive the paper turns from blue to red. The colour changing is detected by a colour sensor will and send it to a micro-controller connected to a transreciever that will process the data and determines if the person is healthy or infected. Then after informing the user it sends the geolocation data to a database connected to it a Web map integrated with NASA SEDAC data to navigate and analyze the density of cases in Real-time and predict the virus spreading pattern.

How I built it:

The harware

  • Micro controller: NodeMCU
  • LDR
  • GPS module
  • Diffrent colored LEDs
  • Resistors
  • Pushbutton
  • The software
  • Proteus
  • Google spread sheet link
  • Google Maps
  • Blender
  • Programming language
  • C++ *for the arduino IDE
  • javascript *for excel sheet

The project steps

  • Bio sensor that uses special paper coated with monocolonal antibodies specific to the S glycoprotein of the novel coronavirus. if the sample is positive the virus surface will interact with the antibody immobilized on the paper and its colour will change from blue to red as the paper undergoes a confirmational changes upon exposure to any reaction on its surface. the colour chanage is visible by naked eye.
  • LDR to detect the colour change.with LED as a light source for the LDR.
  • GPS module to get the coordinants.
  • NodeMCU as a loT Dev board.
  • Router as internet supplier to NodeMCU to send data
  • Google spread sheet as a data-base.
  • google maps for spotting our device location.

1.The Biosensor

It has 2 components

a) Polydiacytelene (PDA) paper is a paper that assemble the cell membrane. It has a unique chromatic properties, It change its colour from blue to red after ligand-antibody interaction due to the transformation that occur upon its side chain.

we add a monoclona antibody specific to COVID-19 spike protein (which is a major protein in all virus variations) to the immobiled PDA paper. When we add a sputum sample from a patient to it, the antigen react with the antibody, causig break of the hydrogen bond of the carboxyl head group, transforming the structure of the paper , causing the blue colour to change into red colour which can be detected by naked eye. (it was tested on other viruses)

b) LDR+LED, as a sensor of the colour change of the PDA paper

2. NodeMCU

it works as a loT Dev board ( we used Android IDE for programming) it's connected to internet by the WIFI. it collects 4 information and send them to excel sheet.

If the LDR detected the colour change ( positive sample ) or stayed blue (negative sample).

GPS coordinates :it will be obtained by 2 ways, by GPS module connected to NodeMCU or by the user own phone while connecting the micro-controller. ( we used GPS module in our prototype).

The GPS coordinates and device serial will be send once at the start of the program. to save an excel row for the device.

Total cases detected by this device

New cases detected daily with live data update.

Challenges I ran into:

Getting the idea Making the device Programming Simulation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Making the simulation for the electronic component on proteus

  • Making a prototype that works effectively

  • Using Google-Maps API to analyse the (test) data and navigate it on a map

  • Making an illustrative 3D model of our Biosensor to visualise its components using Blender

(links are attached to the project below)

What I learned

Using different programs.

What's next for Vision

Trying to synthesise the paper on the real world not only a simulation and make that project available for everyone.

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