Inspiration: According to the statistics, 37 million people are visually impaired around the globe and coinciding with our research, people who are fit are more confident and happy in life. With "VisionFreeFitness" android application and web interface, we aim to provide a platform to visually impaired people to focus on fitness and increase their social engagement. Also, it helps doctors to keep track of their patients and motivate them on their fitness achievements.

What it does:

The android application has the following feature: 1) Voice Based Interaction 2) Helps for Walking exercise by describing the environment using a phone's camera 2) Track daily steps and calories 3) Log food items 4) Social Engagement by getting updates for nearby fitness activities 5) Updates from the Doctor The web interface is designed for the doctor where they can: 1) Analyze the fitness data of the patient 2) Send messages to the patient

How we built it :

The android application is built using: 1) Android Studio 2) Microsoft Azure 3) Computer Vision Microsoft API 4) Speech to text Microsoft API 5) Text to Speech Google API The web interface is built using: 1) Tableau 2) Python 3) Django 4) Speech to text Microsoft API

Challenges we ran into :

Using Microsoft API on Android, Running computer vision API in real-time, less fitness data availability

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

Completing an end-to-end product with each part performing as planned.

What we learned :

Using Microsoft services, team-work, time-management.

What's next for Vision Free Fitness :

Adding more to the exercises section and improving navigation.

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