My (visually challenged) friend found difficulties in accessing a banking website and always needed a helper for all the transactions. He felt so bad that he couldn't be independent. So it really motivated me to do something for him and his community.

What it does:

It's helping visually challenged people to access my website and

How I built it:

By using proper HTML 5 tags, keyboard events and proper aria-tags as per W3C A11y standards.

Challenges I ran into:

When a model window is opened, the screen reader should not read the background of the modal window until the modal window is closed. The focus should be inside the modal window till it opens. When the modal window is closed, the next element of the modal window should be read out.

Accomplishments that I am proud of:

Despite the challenges, I was able to complete it.

What I learned:

I learnt all accessibility aria-tags as per W3CA11y standards and handles the key code events.

What's next for Vision For Visually Challenged:

Making this smaller vision a bigger one, by providing more facilities like aria-expanded, aria-collapsed, aria-hidden,etc.

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