We found that there is a relationship between the critical distance from the object to the center of an eye and the intensity of myopia (and hence the degree of the glasses). Hence, if we figure it out we get a very easy way of measuring the intensity of myopia.

Myopia glasses in off-line stores cost more than $100. If we run a store online the cost would be greatly reduced (e.g., to around $20). In addition, we found the conventional way of testing the vision is also expensive but not worth the money due to the limited number of options for the levels of intensity of the myopia lenses.

What it does

It provides a very effective and convenient way of testing the vision just with a smartphone

How we built it

We first collect data during the hackathon, and do a curve-fitting the get the relationship between the critical distance and the degree of the myopia glasses, and then use python+html+css to build a prototyping website/app for it.

Challenges we ran into

collecting data, debugging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app works pretty well; our idea of testing the vision is new! --It may result in an academic paper or a patent as well.

What we learned

The mainstream way of vision test is not worth the money.

What's next for vision

Publish the result or apply for a patent; and maybe create a company if I got funded after graduation next year.

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