We wanted to build an app that would really engage customers and make them feel like they are on cloud nine in terms of user experience

What it does

Vision is a one-of-a-kind app that connects different freshworks products together and opens up functionality from all those products in one single place.

How we built it

We used FDK of course, to build it. Along with that we had to use a few product APIs and scheduled events played a big part.

Challenges we ran into

Since we were limited by some platform boundaries, we had to mimic the working of backend product events because we received those events only for the product that we built the app on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to really come together at a testing time in terms of finishing an app that connected multiple freshworks products within 36 hours of time.

What we learned

We learnt that it is not always so easy to share and combine code even if you know github really well. We faced multiple problems along the way and we had to learn to deal with those on the fly. Most importantly, we learnt that without a solid plan, nothing is gonna work out.

What's next for Vision

The plan next is for Vision to expand even further in terms of the products it supports and the features that it opens up to its users

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