Visajump is an all-in-one travel app which allows users to create a travel itinerary, check a live database of travel visa requirements, apply for visas, and store important travel documents (such as passport page, flight itinerary, etc.).

The vision is to merge an AI chat-bot, bio-metrics, and block chain into a platform where customers have the ability to own their identity, share information at will, and effortlessly pass through the international travel preparation process.

We are simply passionate about travel. Furthermore, there should be no reason any law abiding citizen of the world should be impeded from experiencing the world for what it truly is. Unfortunately, the facilitation of visas (tourist visas more specifically) are the biggest roadblock to freer travel.

We have done more than 400+ interviews with travelers across the world and we have validated the need for a solution like Visajump. By 2030, there will be more than 1.8 billion international travelers crossing borders. The current visa facilitation services are not adequate to service this future demand.

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