We have been creating solutions for medicine for many years. Together with friends from the company, we set out to build a solution that allows you to quickly identify potential virus carriers. At present, all data is not public, the user does not know whether he has the risk of contracting COVID - 19 or not. We decided to create software grouping the possibilities of contact with a virus. Providing clear information on whether you have had the opportunity to be in contact.

What it does

Our system enables dynamic change of survey questions helping to determine whether we can be a potential carrier. When someone detects covid - 19, system checks last meetings of that person and alerts people who had contact with him. We can also have a look at our friends page where we can see at what risk level is each of our friends.

How we built

VirusMaping client application is made with React - Javascript framework. Server part of solution is made with node.js and mongodb - open source, noSQL database. It's fast and scalable solution, which is also cost efficient because of development speed.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to make the application as transparent and easy to use as possible. We needed a simple mechanism that would quickly qualify a person to a risk group and notify people in the immediate vicinity of a possible threat as soon as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a production solution, whose main task is to immediately notify people with whom we had direct contact with our illness without the need for interference of these people, all we need is their email address or in the future to have them in the list of friends on our social media.

What we learned

In addition to technical skills, we have gained further team work skills. We understood that thanks to a good tool to which everyone who has a telephone and the Internet has access to us, we are able to limit the spread of the virus.

What's next for VirusMaping

We want to add the ability to log in through social networks, so we will import your friend list into the application automatically. In addition to email notifications, we plan to add a PWA application that will send users "Push notifications" about the infection of a person they meet, we can add also results of our every day surveys and more visible risk groups indicators.

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