Our team is composed of four Business IT students at HES-SO Valais-Wallis. We have been helped by a medical student currently working in a hospital by screening patients.He was our launch pad for implementing an online form to simplify data collection for the government.


The public is unsure about what to believe when different information is published by different authorities, people, economy, media source. A quick fix is currently impossible with 26 cantons. This leads to a daily backlog and outdated figures. With this in mind, how can we create a high-quality Swiss-wide Covid-DB?”

Selected Problem

The way of we are gathering data in this moment is not efficient. Many hospitals and doctors keep their data on paper version because there is no trustable digital solution provided by anyone for the actual crisis. This slows down the census process of infected people but also the treatment of data for statistics. Having the form on paper is a problem itself as it is error-prone.


We would like to provide a very simple online form where doctors can enter data the same way as they are already doing on paper. This will solve many problems we can encounter by using paper form. This could also be used for statistics therefore could help in decision making. Adding statistics feature to our website was initially part of the plan for the weekend but we had to face some difficulties. The website has been extended from an existing solution :


By using an online platform, data are updated every second and this will be the fastest way to centralize it. By centralizing them, we will be able to create charts and point out some specific statistics. It will help reduce the spread and give reliable information to the public. Finally, these data could be used by the government as a trustworthy source and be published online.

What's next for Virus Data

We could simply create some additional categories on the online platform, the doctor will then will be able to select another form corresponding to another virus. The form is easily editable/duplicable and adding a corresponding database will only take a few hours. This will give the Swiss government an overall view on how each virus is spreading. It could also be used in other countries where this solution has not been implemented. Gathering data from many countries can also help us on an international level by working on treatments or vaccine together.

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