In the Pangs of a Global Pandemic or the Invisible Hand of Poverty, knowledge is key in saving souls, both physically via hacks and on a spiritual level, to escape isolation & hopelessness. The gateways to knowledge, however, are always sealed up for only those, seated on privilege, the price of books, the library membership fees (direct and indirect, of having legal homes, etc.), and the price tags to schools, tutorials and, especially today, online classes being hurdles too high for the masses. Hence, we're building Virunova, a Charge-free, Interactive, Online, Distributed Learning Platform, with its star tool, BiblioCache, the Open Source, Distributed Library System for Physical Books. The reason is simple. When the world unlocks and the resources run scarce, money will definitely seek barley before books.

What it does

Virunova consists of multiple tools, mainly focussed around helping people gain access to knowledge. Alongside the usual repository of research papers, e-books, and pre-recorded video lectures & tutorials, freely accessible to the public, Virunova will also have a Distributed Learning System, wherein, a teacher may actively teach, and clear doubts of students on any basis they like. For assistance in this task, there'll be a collaborative whiteboard, a video conferencing system & of course, an audio communication tool. The collaborative whiteboard being designed will communicate only via diffs, thus at a few bits per second, enabling its use with the poorest of internet connections possible. We aim, though this, to build the Wikipedia for Learning.

This is accompanied by BiblioCache, the Distributed Library System, where we register our books and share it with the world, for others to borrow, all the while, not having to let go of our access to it, since we too can borrow it back again.

How we built it

It's being built as a website using Django, Go, MariaDB on NGINX, and other tools. In the future, we're trying to implement our own alternative to the blockchain, called the Open Hive, to facilitate its truly distributed nature. All code is freely available & will forever be, on SourceForge.

What's next for Virunova

We're hoping to complete the implementation and launch it to the world for utility.

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