There are so many students around the world who are weak at studies. Many children don't like the traditional learning or the e-learning method. Although there are many learning apps, there are some features that I thought of that no other app has. Including all these features I wanted to create a learning app, and thus Virtuquiz, which is not limited to quizzes, was born....

What it does

Virtuquiz is a learning app which anyone can download on their mobile phone and start to learn. This app is recommended to students of grades 6-12, but other grades will be added sooner. Virtuquiz has 2 main sections, one is learning and the other is quizzes.

Leaning Section The learning section features 3 sub-categories which include videos, a homework checker and an extra knowledge bot.

Videos There are thousands of videos under different topics which you can refer to. The video section consists videos from an online school 'Khan Academy.' Watching videos here is simple. Scroll down on the topic list, select the topic, then select a video and watch it. All videos are in English.

Homework Checker This is a feature where anyone can submit there homework for a re-check before submitting it to a teacher. You can either send a picture or document. Then we will re-check it with automated systems as well as manual systems and send whether the work is correct or point out the mistakes and analyze them. We have clearly said that no one can use this feature for cheating.

Extra Knowledge Bot This bot which is called as the Virtubot can be used for learning good qualities and learning about the society. This is also an essential part which education systems have missed out today. The Virtubut is still under development, it only has 3 questions yet. Using it is simple, the bot asks questions; for example how will you handle a situation where your friend is scolding you for what you didn't do. There will be some options of what you can do. You will have to chose the wisest solution. You will be judged and given feedback (You are rude, or , very good you are generous).

Quizzes After you have learned using the video feature you can check your knowledge using the quizzes. There are 20 quizzes with 10 questions each at the moment, more will be added too. Quizzes are under 5 main topics. (Science, History, Technology etc.) Answering questions in quizzes is simple, all the questions are multiple choice questions, you just how to select the answer and press next. Finally after finishing all the 10 questions you will get a report on your performance. The pass mark for all quizzes is 70%.

How I built it

The Virtuquiz app was built using different app building platforms, the questions were built created by me with the help of online articles. The video feature was added in collaboration with Khan Academy Videos. The Virtubot was built using the virtual bot creator. The app was finally compiled using Android-Studio.

Challenges I ran into

There were many challenges. The first was finding videos, I couldn't do all the videos myself. But finally I found a Khan academy feature which allows you to add the videos which belongs to them. Another challenge was creating quizzes, I had to make 200 questions and add different answers. This was all done within 12 hours.. Also the Virtubot was difficult to create. I failed in creating the bot and integrating it successfully at the beginning, but later I was successful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of adding a bot which is a unique feature and also a feature that plays a role in social-good. Also I am proud of successfully creating this app.

What I learned

While building my app, I had to read many educational articles, I gained a lot of education through this. Also this was one of the most difficult apps I built, it really taught me a lot about programming etc.

What's next for Virtuquiz

I have to let people know about my app, although it's good and working many doesn't know that something like this exists. So, I need to promote. Also I will have to develop this app more in the future.

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