General Description

Across the entire globe in the 21st century, we have come to realise that Classical Music is on a constant deteriorating incline in terms of popularity and awareness. In response to this crisis, we have strived to produce a website/software which allows classical musicians to find like-minded individuals, and provide them with a overarching number of features to assist their musical lives with technology.


During Covid-19, we all found it very difficult to perform and play music with others, and during this two-year period, we found it difficult to continue to pursue our passion in music with friends. Therefore, we have developed Virtuoso to provide musicians, wherever they may be with the vital resources and a harmonious community of musicians, in order to continue to pursue their musical hobby with ease in the current pandemic.

What is Virtuoso

Virtuoso is a musical community platform by musicians for musicians. Its purpose is to provide tools for musicians and connect musicians together virtually.


Virtuoso offers a large variety of tools and feature for musicians. For beginner musicians, we offer a short and visually appealing semi-interactive web page guiding users through the different ages of music. We also offer many small quizzes for users to brush up their theory skills. The main objective we hope to achieve is to build and bring together musicians. Our main features include community forums and chatrooms and a music sharing and streaming section which allows for donations to support struggling musicians. Our by far most innovative feature is where Musicians can play songs and be accompanied by Artificial Intelligence.

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