We were inspired by the recent year and how mostly all aspects of our life were virtual. Many of our friends were feeling anxious, so we wanted to create a website that helps solve this problem!

What it does

Our website is a virtual home space that offers links to different stations that can help calm you and better your mental health. For example, we include stations for digital art, meditation, and journaling! Each station takes you to a different application that we personally recommend that helps ease anxiety. Our first page is the starting page, describing what the website is intended for. After clicking the “start relaxing button”, it leads to the virtual home space that we built.

How we built it

We built virtuHOME through a platform called Replit using HTML and CSS. We made the different stations as buttons that had links nested inside to take the user to different websites that fit the station.

Challenges we ran into

When creating virtuHOME, we ran into some obstacles in our project. One problem we noticed was difficulties in creating buttons and moving them around to fit our display as best as they could. At a certain point, our buttons wouldn’t move anymore, but we managed to fix it to the best of our ability by working together and looking carefully through our code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As two beginner coders, we are extremely proud of what we were able to do in a limited amount of time! We are especially proud of displaying the station buttons in a way that fits the background and the theme of “Welcome Home.” We added a neon gradient around our buttons which was time-consuming and very new territory for us, but we made it work! We also are proud of the ideas we came up with, how we carried them out, and getting all of our buttons to work, especially the “Back to Home” button. 

What we learned

We learned that we need to make realistic goals. At the beginning of the hackathon, we both had amazing, ambitious ideas for the project, but we quickly realized that in the given time and our skill level, we might not get to accomplish all that we had planned. However, we now know that we can still create a minimum viable product that we are proud of!

What's next for virtuHOME

This is our first hackathon for both of us, so we would love to improve our skills in web development and make our virtuHOME more interactive! One improvement we envisioned is making a sketchpad from scratch and a journaling section with easy prompts, so anyone (inexperienced too!) could journal. Also, we would love to add more features like a chatbox, adjustable meditation timers, and a calm music playlist selector!

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